Better Man Weekly Coming Soon

I believe that simply living a life is not good enough … any man can live a life. All he has to do is wake up on a day to day basis. It takes a better man to conquer his life, to take charge of it and direct it. However, this is no simple task because it is not life he must conquer, but himself. Making the task more difficult, is the fact that this is a continual and endless process. This is the motivation behind Better Man Weekly.

BMW is a weekly blog serving the Frederick and Hagerstown areas of Maryland. This does not mean that only men in these areas can benefit from reading. Its purpose is to provide local men with a wealth of information to aid them in… well, being better men. Its articles will cover everything from fashion and style to health and exercise, food and drink to relationships and family, news and philosophy to books and movies, and the list goes on. Think of it as Men’s Journal or GQ with the exception that the places we review are closer to this pair of small and often overlooked cities.

I expect to launch our articles every Sunday starting in the first week of January. Ads will appear on the site and within posts, but I promise not to plaster them all over. Also, I will be doing my very best to make sure the ads are from businesses with locations in the local area. If you are interested in placing an ad on this site, please contact me through e-mail at Space is limited.

Don’t miss out on our launch. Subscribe or follow us now. Thank you for visiting and we’ll see you in January.

Raymond J. Repass
Owner, Author, and Editor


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